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Commerce Solutions

Optimize your sales results with state-of-the-art technology


Industry-leading platforms for personalized shopping experiences

Deliver a dynamic, on-the-go experience for students, faculty, fans and alumni so they can access your campus store when and how they want. Enhanced features help showcase your brand and provide a personalized customer experience and easy access to promotions to keep the customers you value coming back.

showing mobile ecommerce app to buy school merchandising that displays 25% off
Showing ecommerce webpage that displays PennState Bookstore Merchandise

Convenience for every consumer

Our one-stop shopping solution features:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Real-time and seasonal updates
  • Easy integration with existing systems
  • Streamlined order fulfillment and communications
  • Comprehensive digital marketing strategy
  • Extensive security measures

On-demand access to deliver in-demand products

Installed over 1 million times, our My Campus Store app offers:

  • Order tracking
  • Rental reminders
  • Promotions and sweepstakes
  • Customer feedback
  • Event notifications
  • Exclusive offers
shows various screens of mobile commerce app, for e.g. Shop screen, Order Screen and activity feed